Daniel Halliday
Jan 18 · Last update 1 mo. ago.
Is the controversial new Gillette advert justified in its stance on toxic masculinity?
Gillette is a company that has utilised masculine stereotypes in advertising for decades in order to sell their products. In a huge u-turn they have recently released an advert containing a montage of stale and/or enduring masculine stereotypes in order to ask the question “are men being the best they can be?” The advert has caused a stir with men’s right activists, while receiving praise from the feminist or progressive minded online. But are this company justified in changing their stance on masculinity, is this challenge to toxic masculinity really coming from the right place? youtube.com/watch?v=koPmuEyP3a0
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The advert just perpetuates negative stereotypes
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The advert just perpetuates negative stereotypes

The advert is anti male, perpetuates negative stereotypes, and depicts men as creatures that are mostly too stupid or unaware to do anything about their own condition. For 30 years the company has used “the best a man can get” catchphrase, and has utilised unattainable male images that probably do just as much damage to society as any act of “toxic” masculinity. The advert forms a sort of kaleidoscope of the worst aspects of men in western culture, which seems like an attack on men, something seemingly unwise for a razor manufacturer to engage in.