Daniel Halliday
Feb 6 · Last update 10 days ago.
Is Japan right to restart whaling?
In December 2018 Japan announced their withdrawal from the International Whaling Commission citing the organisations failure to promote sustainable hunting, concentrating only on conservation. Japanese officials announce the planned resumption of whale hunting in July 2019, what do you think of this decision?
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Media virtue signalling

The whole world is engaging in similar practices, but the over-fishing of less ‘majestic’ creatures fails to make headlines, so it is wrong to make an example of Japan in this way when nearly all countries that practice fishing are committing similar atrocities on a huge scale and a wide range of species. Some major world policies need to be put into place to address: over fishing, the loss of migratory bird habitats, the sprawling of urban areas that encroach on natural habitats, and the wild scale deforestation for agricultural land that still continues at an alarming and unsustainable rate - not blaming each other in an environmental/cultural mudslinging contest. The media need to inform and engage the public in this very difficult debate, not distract readers/listener/viewers with displays of cultural or moral superiority, the journalistic virtue signalling needs to stop.