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Should Britain pay reparations for colonialism in India?
The effect of British colonialism is mixed and consequently hotly debated, but with the many negative effects taking such a massive economic and human toll in India, is it time for the UK government to start paying some form of reparations for the exploitative British colonisation of India? Picture: Taken during the Bengal famine 1943, Source: Wikipedia
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Reparations need to be made

The British Empire from the onset of East India Company rule of the region and throughout the time of the British Raj caused massive levels of economic, social and humanitarian damage to the country. Failed economic and agricultural policies of British Rule in India lead to a series of famines that claimed the lives of 15 to 55 million people. Combined with the direct violence carried out through land acquisition, social mismanagement worsening ethnic tensions, and the economical aggression of debt slavery; there was a very direct human and economic cost to British Imperialism in India. Reparations to compensate for this dark region in Indian and British history should unquestionably be made, if not to repay for damages made then at least as a symbol of British recognition of this crime of history.