Daniel Halliday
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Is linguistic imperialism a threat to indigenous languages?
Linguistic imperialism is that argument that a language can be used to culturally dominate another culture. A pattern of linguistic imperialism can be demonstrated to coincide with historical militaristic colonialism but also more recently with the economic dominance of English language speaking countries. Is linguistic imperialism complimenting economic imperialism? If so what effect will this have on indigenous languages? en.iyil2019.org
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Threatens languages, and damages culture...

The use of language to help repress and dominate former colonies of imperial nations is well documented, with examples of former colonised nations not being drastically changed culturally by colonialism remaining fairly few and far between. Language has become an imperialistic tool, following the shift from from traditional colonialism to soft power colonialism, combining economic and cultural domination to perpetuate imperial dynamics without having to deal with the political fallout. The effect of this cultural imperialism linguistically is the inevitable loss of language diversity as linguistic homogenisation poses a real threat to indigenous languages and culture.