Daniel Halliday
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How are people with disabilities best integrated into society?
There are one billion people living with some form of disability, about 15% of the global population, and between 110-190 million of those people experience a significant disability. Many of these people are likely to suffer some form of negative socioeconomic outcomes due to their disabilities, and many are still actively discriminated against. How can we empower those persons with disabilities so that they are fully integrated into all aspects of society and fulfilling their full potential?
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Grant as much access as possible by removing barriers
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Grant as much access as possible by removing barriers

Even in modern societies that seem relatively accessible people with disabilities still suffer from barriers to accessibility. Physical barriers to access can range from lack of slopes, lack of tactile tiles or a lack of design planning that takes people with disabilities into account. Sometimes this can even take the form of whole industries for example aviation. The lack of disabled access to toilet facilities while flying still poses a large barrier to air travel for those with certain disabilities.