Daniel Halliday
Mar 7 · Last update 13 days ago.
What’s holding back development in the Central African Republic?
The Central African Republic continually ranks amongst the lowest countries in the world in regard to their Human Development Index ranking (a combined indicator of average life expectancy, income and education for a country). It has also been named the world’s unhealthiest country based upon the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and the worst country to be a young person according to the Commonwealth Secretariat Youth Development Index. But with a large territory, covered in rich savanna, and an abundant mineral wealth, why is the Central African Republic ranking so low in regards to development? tribune.com.pk/story/1188069/worlds-unhealthiest-countries news.trust.org/item/20161020230325-xtrrw hdr.undp.org/en/content/human-development-index-hdi
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Economic obscurity issues
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Economic obscurity issues

Some of those indexes are only based on regulated exports, with the Central African Republic also having a large unregulated economy based on locally produced alcohol, diamonds, ivory, bushmeat and traditional medicine. More tellingly the country has ranked low also on the World Bank’s ‘Doing Business’ list, a composite index ranking system measuring business regulations in an effort to indicate how easy it is to do business in a region. It is economic factors that hinder the opportunities of people in the country, and a lack of education feeds into this, reinforcing economic problems and ethnic/religious violence in the country. doingbusiness.org/en/rankings