Shogo Ochiai
Mar 7 · Last update 6 days ago.
Blockchain and legal representative.
Blockchain can be run anoymously. Especially the chain with expressive smart contract would achieve much more complex behaviors. What if in the future, smart contracts violates some countries law, and governments cannot afford to ignore the smart contract? As per Cypherpunk Manifest at 1988 by Tim May (R.I.P.), P2P technology will eat this world and there's no way to mitigate it for us. Is the smart contract for avoiding liability good thing? Is there any way to deal with smart contract via current legal system? Gimme your opinion.
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Smart contracts and law need to be synchronised
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Smart contracts and law need to be synchronised

Most state’s laws function to protect people in the state or the state itself, allowing individuals to avoid liability in this respect is a damaging prospect for the security of a society. The blockchain advocacy group Chamber of Digital Commerce, have published a white paper that attempts to establish what constitutes a legally binding smart contract and how they can operate in legitimate way within a legal system. There is a great need for a thorough investigation regarding how smart contracts can be used within a state’s legal framework, but as this technology moves forward there will similarly be a need for progression in lawmaking.