Daniel Halliday
Mar 9 · Last update 11 days ago.
Following Michael Cohen’s congressional testimony, how does Trump avoid indictment?
Donald Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen has accused Trump of being a self-interested racist, a criminal fraudster and a dangerous person to occupy the position of President of the United States, while testifying in front of the United State House Committee on Oversight and Reform in late February 2019. Cohen has previously pleaded guilty to several counts of fraud and tax evasion, making excessive campaign contributions to Trump’s presidential campaign, and lying to congress to hide trumps business ties in Russia. Considering the overwhelming accusations involving criminal acts of fraud aimed at Trump how does he continue to avoid indictment or impeachment? Is Cohen’s testimony a genuine change of heart in Trump’s former lawyer, or a ploy to drag the president down with him?
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Difficult situation to be prosecuted

From Michael Cohen’s testimony and more importantly as a result of Robert Mueller’s ongoing Special Counsel Investigation, partly responsible also for the evidence against Cohen, it looks like Trump could be indicted or impeached. However, previous Supreme Court cases have decided that prosecutors are obliged to act cautiously as to not affect the President in carrying out his duties, meaning prosecutors and the Mueller investigation may have to wait until Trump’s term as president comes to an end before indicting him. Likewise impeachment remains difficult as it would mean republicans would have to join the democrats in standing against Trump, damaging their party and reputation in the process. psmag.com/news/yes-mueller-can-indict-trump