Daniel Halliday
May 11 · Last update 15 days ago.
Could Colorado be leading international drug reform?
Following the referendum to decriminalise psilocybin “magic” mushrooms in Denver, Colorado this week, are we seeing the beginning of a revolution of international drug reform? tinyurl.com/y3jobagm
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No, this may just lead to state legal issues
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No, this may just lead to state legal issues

Denver’s referendum on Initiative 301 to decriminalise psychoactive mushrooms passed by a very narrow margin of 0.6% and was arguably overshadowed by the more pressing mayoral elections in the city. However, due to the wording of Initiative 301 this law may be unenforceable as it bans state officials from using any state money to seek to prosecute cases surrounding psilocybin mushrooms. As decriminalisation is not legalisation the possession still remains an offence but is not enforced in the same manner a criminal offence would be, which means this passage doesn’t make sense as it would stop anyone upholding any law surrounding this substance. Therefore this law may still be blocked before it can come into use, as it remains paradoxical; how can you pass a law that says you cannot enforce a law?