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What can be learned from Iran Air Flight 655?
On the 3rd July 1988 an Airbus A300 civilian passenger aircraft of Iran Air’s flight 655 was shot down by a United States Navy missile launched from the USS Vincennes stationed in the Persian Gulf. What happened to lead up to this incident? What was the reasoning behind it? What is the significance of Iran Air Flight 655 in the current standoff between Iran and the United States?
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One piece of evidence of the widespread reckless foreign policy of the US
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One piece of evidence of the widespread reckless foreign policy of the US

The shooting down of Iran Air Flight 655 was not an accident, it was an illegal act of reckless negligence and aggression on the part of the US Navy and underlines a massive problem with both the international stationing of US troops and the US governments response to illegal actions such as this. The Americans claim that the incident followed the misidentification of the aircraft, which has been disproven and the US began to attempt a cover-up, making claims that have consequently also been disproven. During an International Court of Justice hearing the United States admitted legal liability and paid $131 million but never apologised for their obviously wrong actions. America had overreacted and then acted deceitfully in the 1980s and is now escalating the situation with Iran needlessly, they have a bad track record of interference in Iran and globally and serious questions need to be answered to avoid a repeat of disasters such as this, especially during such a tense time.