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What is behind the modern surge in intolerance?

An international far right movement, Antifa and the extreme left, rallies against immigration, islamophobia, religious extremism; intolerance seems to have been increasingly amplified in recent years. Tolerance seems to have waned somewhat on both sides of the political spectrum and in many aspects of modern life. What is behind this increasing lack of tolerance in recent years?
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Changing media habits and continuing simplified narratives
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Changing media habits and continuing simplified narratives

The main pattern behind a modern resurgence of intolerant views is due to a technological transitional period, social media may have decentralised news media to some degree but the propagation of oversimplified post-Cold War good versus evil media narratives continues in both old and new media spaces. Intolerance is an issue that has always existed, technology is bringing it back to the fore, and also giving us more space, connections and communicative tools to solve such issues. An optimist might describe this as a transition, however simplified narratives that have been present in mainstream media for generations are dying hard, and decreasing tolerance is one symptom of this. This is becoming increasingly exacerbated in new emergent forms of mass media; where angry users are more likely to click, and clicks mean cash for the media tech companies, algorithms are now increasingly guiding users toward hateful content, further feeding into the simplified narratives and intolerant beliefs widely held throughout many societies.


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