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Could Rodrigo Duterte’s friendly relations with China be his downfall?

Rodrigo Duterte has proven to be an extremely controversial and divisive President during his time in office, and has faced multiple calls for impeachment during his three years as leader of the Philippines. Calls to impeach the president over his about turn on relations with China intensified following a Chinese ship ramming and sinking a Filipino fishing vessel near the Recto Bank reef in the West Philippine Sea in June 2019. Duterte is now being accused of placing his personal relationship with Chinese premier Xi Jinping above the interests of his country and constitutional failure to protect the country’s sovereign rights over disputed island territory in the South China Sea has been put forward as grounds for his impeachment. Could Duterte’s friendly relations with China finally lead to his impeachment?
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Yes, a clear conflict of interests

Following a literal act of aggression by a Chinese fishing ship that would have left the 22 Filipino fisherman of the ‘F/B Gem-Ver’ dead, were it not for the Vietnamese vessel that happened to find them hours later, Rodrigo Duterte backtracked his government’s initial criticism doubting that attack was intentional. Duterte instead vowing to allow China to continue fishing in Philippine waters stating they were “friends”, which led to criticism that the president is siding with China to protect his personal relations with Xi Jinping over the safety and rights of Filipino citizens. This all is despite the 1987 Philippine constitution which bans any other country from exploiting the country’s maritime territory, clearly stating that the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone should be reserved for Filipino citizens only. Rodrigo Duterte is failing to defend the country’s constitution, its sovereign rights, and its citizens, causing Pamalakaya (a national Fishing union) to seek impeachment proceedings against him for “violating the constitution, committing treason and betraying public trust” [1].

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