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Could the Saudi regime be set to fall?

Pressure has continued to mount on the Al Saud family following a US lawsuit being filed against the country’s government for their perceived involvement in the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Centre in 2001 on behalf of the victims of the terror attacks. The recent surprise offer from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the alleged al-Qaeda architect of the attacks, has stepped up this pressure as Mohammed has offered to testify against Saudi Arabia in return for the US abandoning the death sentence in his own case. This comes at a time of strain on the country’s rulers as a failing war in Yemen has been turning international opinion against the government as well, while scandals such as the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi have intensified international critique also. This has all been playing out while the House of Saud have faced a host of post Arab Spring domestic issues, with prolonged protests, insurgency, persecution of Shi’ite minorities in Eastern provinces and the destruction of cultural heritage occurring on the Arabian peninsula amidst a kaleidoscope of human rights violations. Is all of this pressure both at home and internationally leaving the Saudi government teetering on the edge of a harsh fall? Or are relations with international allies strong enough to weather the storm? aljazeera.com/news/2019/07/accused-911-mastermind-open-testimony-saudi-arabia-190729231512390.html
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The House of Saud becomes a house of cards as pressures mount
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The House of Saud becomes a house of cards as pressures mount

The multitude of situations the Saudi royal family faces places immense pressure on Saudi Arabia internationally, and are making it much harder for governments to align themselves with this regime without coming under scrutiny themselves. The United States remains the House of Saud’s main international ally, but trump has so far been an unreliable president who at times has denounced his defensive position over this Middle Eastern ally, and this latest turn of events may increasingly be seen as the president siding with Saudi Arabia over the victims of 9-11 if he sides with the Saudis. Meanwhile as US congress are becoming increasingly critical of US weapons sales to Saudi, the Democrat-led oversight committee are also carrying out an investigation into former Trump associates and a plan to illegally sell nuclear weapons technology to Saudi Arabia. All of this leaving the Saudi and Trump administration under increasing scrutiny in terms of their international relations.

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