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What can be done about deteriorating Netiquette?

Netiquette is a portmanteau of network/Internet and etiquette, and involves a set of guidelines that are deemed as acceptable/unacceptable behaviour on the Internet. The Internet is seen by some as a separate anonymous world, but as more and more of our lives are played out through or with the Internet the need for an understanding of common courtesy will become more important in the online world as time moves on. As the Internet is currently gripped by hateful abusive communication that is having a negative effect on the real world, both encouraging extremism and affecting public discourse and the online social environment, what can be done to improve netiquette?
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Address the problems and provide alternatives

The issues at play here are complex, however some parsing of problems needs to occur, one separation needed is the underlying social reasons behind such behaviour and the distinct problem of design faults in the platforms that intensify such problems. At some we need to take into account the reality of a near complete lack of mental healthcare funding in most countries around the world, and how this is exacerbating many social and societal problems across the globe, which plays a very large role in what is occurring online. But before addressing the underlying mental health problems at play, it would be worthwhile recognising and dealing with the limitations in certain social media platforms. While things like ‘trolling’ or online harassment may be a user-generated problem, online ‘echo chambers’ are arguably generated by the platforms themselves and would be much easier to solve if companies were correctly incentivised.

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