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Should everyone donate organs?

Organ donation usually takes the form the transplantation of an organ or organs from a dead donor in order to save the life of someone who is gravely ill suffering from disease, injury or organ failure, but organs can also be donated for research and sometimes organs can even be donated from living donors. The kidneys, heart, pancreas, intestines, lungs, bones, bone marrow, skin, and corneas are commonly donated either as whole organs or partial tissue transplants, and most countries have thousands to hundreds of thousands of people awaiting organ transplants. However many people die every year waiting for organ transplants, organ transplants operations are hugely time sensitive and most countries suffer from a donor shortage. Should countries address this shortage by making organ donation compulsory for all citizens? Or is there a better way to maximise the number of organ donors and save more lives of those awaiting transplants?
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Yes, to address the shortage of donor organs

There has been a global growth in the number of people suffering from organ failure in recent decades, which means even though the number of organ donors is raising, waiting lists are growing at a much faster pace internationally. In addition very few people die in such a way that organs can be transplanted, around 3 in every 1000, so to maximise the small chance of organs being able to address the huge amount of people in need, for an event such as death that is completely unpredictable, organ donation should be mandatory. There is a distinct lack of use for a persons organs once they have passed away, conversely one person donating their organs can help to save up to eight other peoples lives. This can also go some way to help families with the grieving process when some has died, if they know that part of their loved one lives on in someone else and has saved a persons/peoples lives it can be of great comfort to the people left behind.

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