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What can be done to save the Jeju language?
Jeju is a Koreanic language from the island of Jeju, it is very different dialect from the standard Korean of the mainland and is only used by older generations of the Jeju Province, leaving it at risk of extinction. The language is considered as critically endangered as it is only spoke by up to 10,000 people, most of which are over the age of 70. What can be done to protect endangered languages like the Jeju language?
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The Framework for the preservation of the Jeju language
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The Framework for the preservation of the Jeju language

The Province of Jeju has taken numerous measures in order to safeguard this endangered language, forming part of the ‘Framework for the Preservation of the Jeju Language’. Part of this framework included the establishment of the Research Centre for Jeju Studies, the Jeju Development Institute and the Committee for the Protection of Jeju Language, groups that are tasked with research, education and encouraging renewed use of the language. Various initiatives have been put into place also; including classes and teacher training, radio broadcasting, a language festival, language competitions, language apps, a language database and even a Jeju language brochure for visitors to the island.