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How did the Mongol Empire become one of the most successful empires in history?
The Mongol Empire became one of the largest empires of history in the 13th century stretching from Far-Eastern Asia to Eastern Europe. The empire fractured following the death of legendary leader Genghis Khan, with the direct 'khanate' descendants of the empire continuing rule over various parts of this expansive empire until the 17th century. How was the empire of the Khans able to grow so massively during the 13th century?
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The Silk Road
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The Silk Road

During the rule of Genghis Khan a large amount of the trade route between Asia, the Middle East and Europe known as the Silk Road came under Mongol control, and it was Khan’s desire to fund military expansion that lead to a continued consolidation of control over the this trade route. What followed was the first and last time a single empire was in charge of this vast area, and this subsequently led to an era of relative peace and stability known to historians as Pax Mongolica. It was the Mongolian’s hospitality and encouragement of foreign travellers that boosted trade enough to fund Mongolian rule and allowed the grandsons of Khan to form four huge stable empires.