Daniel Halliday
May 16 · Last update 10 days ago.
Could the War in Yemen spill out into a larger conflict in the Arabian Gulf?
Following yesterdays Houthi drone strike on an oil pipeline near Riyadh in Saudi Arabia concern is not just on the failing proxy-war in Yemen but on growing US and Iranian tensions. Some fear this tense situation could descend into a wider conflict in the Arabian Gulf with direct military involvement from the US, following a series of foreign policy decisions to ramp up tensions with Iran and Trump’s veto of a US Congress bill to end US military support of Saudi Arabia in Yemen. How likely is escalation of conflict in this region, and what should be done to deal with this situation?
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Yes, a very real threat

The US is now aggressively pushing to stop Iran exporting oil and pushing Saudi and US oil to fill this space in global oil market, which poses a very real threat as long term Saudi and US intentions to interfere with Iran are being played out in an already tension part of the world. The situation have become very serious in the Arabian Gulf, with a Saudi government that has been pushing the US for war with Iran for the last decade, plus a US National Security Adviser with a history of engineering US war campaigns and a key architect of the Iraq War, John Bolton. Taking this in to consideration the timing seems too coincidental, there is a clear connection between events around the Arabian Gulf and powerful forces that want to see a US war with Iran and are happy to fabricate false flag narratives to get that war.