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What is behind the global fall in press freedom?
There has been a marked decline in the number of countries in which it is safe for journalists to work, according to this year’s World Press Freedom Index - an evaluation of the state of global media freedom published by freedom of information NGO Reporters Without Borders. However the decline in media freedom is being noticed not just in countries posing a danger to journalists but also in many countries that have previously enjoyed a satisfactory rating, the United States and Brazil experiencing a clear deterioration for example. What is behind the global decline in journalist safety and freedom of the press?
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One symptom of a bigger global decline
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One symptom of a bigger global decline

The threat posed to press freedom is part of a bigger global shift that is marked also by a decline in freedom of expression, political freedom and in democracy as a whole. Freedom House have noted a global roll back of democracy and political freedom while a downturn in freedom of expression has been noted throughout Eastern Europe and many other regions that have formally enjoyed fairly open relationship between the government, the press and society. Political scientist Mark Blyth of Brown University has written and spoke about “global trumpism” a global transition/trend to the extremes due to years of neo-liberal globalist policies across the world that have deteriorated welfare schemes and made life harder for most society’s average person around the world. This widespread hardship has caused an increase in support for political extremes on the left and right internationally, political extremes that have an interest in consolidating power and manipulating media and press for their own gains, leading to a pattern of declining press freedom.

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