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What is the solution to the economic crisis in Turkmenistan?

Despite massive natural gas reserves, Turkmenistan is on the verge of an economic catastrophe due to hyperinflation and food shortages. The country has consistently ranked low on transparency, corruption and human rights as it stagnates under the nearly thirty years of dictatorship of Saparmurat Niyazow and Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow respectively. What has caused this economic climate in Turkmenistan and more importantly what could be done to put the countries gas wealth to better use?
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Businesses should leverage their investments for reforms
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Businesses should leverage their investments for reforms

As the government under president-for-life Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow have misused the country’s wealth for personal gain for so long expecting reform to come from inside the country is unrealistic. For this reason reports on Turkmenistan such as the Foreign Policy Centre’s 'Spotlight on Turkmenistan' report suggests foreign governments and investors should try and act in favour of the people of Turkmenistan by leveraging their investment in the country against democratic and human rights reforms. Human Rights Watch has echoed this and called for the international community to stop courting the country’s government solely with the natural resources it controls in mind.


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