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Is the UK ready for a “No-Deal” Brexit?

Angela Merkel has now given Boris Johnson 30 days to find a solution and avoid a no-deal Brexit; meanwhile Emmanuel Macron has also stated he sees Britain leaving without a deal as the most likely outcome. Boris Johnson has indicated extensively that he is ready to leave the EU without a deal, so it looks increasingly likely that Britain’s latest Prime Minister will take the country nearer to leaving the European Union without an exit deal on 31st October 2019. But how will a no-deal Brexit effect British citizens and businesses? Is the country ready to trade with tariffs set by the World Trade Organization? Is the UK ready for a no-deal Brexit?
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No-Deal is being used as leverage by Johnson to avoid a no-deal Brexit
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No-Deal is being used as leverage by Johnson to avoid a no-deal Brexit

A no-deal Brexit will not simply make things more difficult for the UK as no country, or indeed their economy, exists in a bubble on its own, and for a former European country crashing out of the European Union will have knock on effects for the European trade also. It is clear then that it is in the EU’s best intention also to see the UK negotiate some form of exit deal and with this in mind Johnson’s hard-line posturing is probably just a way to get the EU to reopen negotiations. It seems that for now this is exactly what has happened with 30 days to renegotiate being given by Merkel, so Johnson might just yet secure some form of deal before the deadline.


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