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What is holding back an electric car revolution in Japan?
Japan has long seemed on the cutting edge of innovation in the field of electronics; however American electric car manufactures such as Tesla seem to be leading the way in terms of innovation and sales. Japan has one of the most prominent and largest automobile industries in the world, what stands in the way of Japan leading the way in the international electronic vehicle market? insideevs.com/news/357565/ev-sales-scorecard-june-2019
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Just a matter if time
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Just a matter if time

Japanese development of electric cars is continuing, and could be on the verge of catching up to market dominators such as Tesla, for example with innovative products like the new Aspark Owl. However it is the more economical and lower end of the electric car market that will need to grow, not the high end luxury market, if electric cars are to go any way toward replacing gasoline vehicles. Despite a low domestic market in Japan Nissan and Toyota are two manufactures leading the affordable electric car revolution in the United States and elsewhere. What is more Tesla have opened their patents to allow other companies to use their innovations, to foster competition and develop the electric automotive industry all the quicker, making it just a matter of time before these Japanese automotive heavy weights catch up with companies like Tesla in terms of sales.