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Should caning be banned in Singapore?

Caning is a form of corporal punishment that has long been in use in Singapore, its use is protected as part of the country’s Criminal Procedure Code. Although the history of corporal punishment in Singapore stems from British colonial rule, Britain, along with many other countries internationally, has long since banned any such practice. Should Singapore follow suit and ban the frequently used punishment of caning?
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Yes, it is an ineffective, damaging and barbaric practice
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Yes, it is an ineffective, damaging and barbaric practice

Research shows that reform and rehabilitation is much more effective than the simplistic and primitive attitudes that support corporal punishment, as it is simply a form of cruelty with no end or goal in mind, other than to inflict pain and torture criminals. It is also discriminatory in Singapore as only men between the ages of 16-50 are subject to caning in the country. Caning serves no rational purpose and it just left over from colonialism, Singaporeans should endeavour to reform this vile attitude to criminal justice, as it may also go against the country's international legal obligations, as many view the practice as an infringement of human rights laws.


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