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Can the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge bring peace to the region?
This amazing modern feat of engineering was opened in 2018 and stretches 55km to connect the Chinese Special Economic Zones of Hong Kong, Macau and Zhuhai, making it the longest sea crossing in the world. The bridge system consists of three bridges, an underwater tunnel and four artificial islands costing $18.8 billion USD, it was funded by the mainland government of China as well as the governments of Hong Kong and Macau. Despite this huge joint venture the clash of cultures and systems has sometimes led to tensions, especially between Hong Kong and Mainland China, could projects such as this ease tensions in the region? Can projects like this bring peace to Greater China?
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Yes, connectivity brings greater interdependence

With access and ease of movement comes new economic solutions, better understanding and greater acceptance, making once isolated neighbours feel less distant. Supporters of the bridge have long predicted a boost to tourism, and a boom for all three city's property markets as some of the economic benefits of the bridge. In addition Hong Kong and Macau are not self sufficient, heavily relying on the mainland and dependant on imported goods, economising the logistics industry will drive costs down for consumers in both regions. All this will only strengthen ties between these three separate economic zones, with great connectivity comes greater interdependence and mindsets may change over time around mutually beneficial projects such as this.