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What does Netanyahu’s plan for Jordan Valley annexation mean for Palestinians and peace talks?

Today Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, delivered a speech in the run up to the latest Israeli elections outlining his plan to annex the Jordan Valley of the occupied West Bank if he wins the election. However this plan would arguably be widely viewed as an illegal annexation of what is already an illegally occupied territory, the United Nation’s Special Rapporteur, Richard Falk, already referring Israel's occupation of the West Bank as "an affront to international law." Where does Netanyahu’s plan leave Middle Eastern peace talks, and what is the fate of 65,000 Palestinians living in the West Bank if these plans go ahead?
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Further illegality and suffering
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Further illegality and suffering

This plan involves what is widely regarded as an illegal annexation, and it will potentially accelerate the suffering of the Palestinians who are already suffering wide spread oppression and occupation by both Israeli forces and illegal settlers. This would also break many internationally backed agreements between Israel and Palestine and peace talks would be set back to square one. How can the international community and Israel’s opposition stand back and allow this to continue at this point? If he executes these plans Netanyahu and the Israeli government should be sanctioned in the same way Russia was for the annexation Crimea.

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