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What is the significance of the constitutional crisis in Albania?
The recent elections in Albania have been boycotted by opposition politicians and voters as accusations of corruption and dictatorship divide the government and the country. A once isolationist country that has long had aspirations to join the European Union, Albania could see their dreams in tatters as politicians risk civil and social unrest by continuing this political deadlock. What caused this political impasse and what is the significance of the election complications in Albania?
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It may complicate EU membership issue
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It may complicate EU membership issue

The current political impasse in Albania may jeopardise their long desired entrance as a member of the European Union. The divide in the country due to a climate of political polarisation caused a massive boycott of local elections, which half of the government chose to proceed with despite the voting having a unbelievably low turnout and being criticised by election monitors as having little regard for the electorate. Some in the country feel that this is a dangerous situation and raises the possibility of civil or social unrest in the country, which could set back EU talks by months or even years as both sides lose legitimacy.