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Should international companies be standing against China’s censorship rather than pandering to it?

The National Basketball Association (NBA), North America’s professional basketball league, recently came under fire from the Chinese government following a tweet from the Houston Rocket's general manager, Daryl Morey, expressing his support for the Hong Kong Protests. The NBA publicly apologised for the statement and received heavy criticism in China and internationally (although for opposing reasons), and all Chinese sponsors subsequently terminated or suspended ties with the NBA. But it is not just the world of basketball, many companies have been targeted in the same way in the past, with Hollywood censoring movies and Google adjusting their products to adapt to Chinese censorship. China is using its $14 trillion economy to encourage self-censorship in the conduct of private companies. However, free speech is not protected in China, so do the Chinese government or Chinese companies not have the right to pressure companies to self-censor when they wish to operate in within Chinese territory? Or are companies wrong to comply with Chinese censorship? mashable.com/article/china-censorship-companies-hong-kong-protests-nba
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Just a fact of life, and many countries do the same
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Just a fact of life, and many countries do the same

In China you have to tow the line, and other countries have similar norms, the same is often true of some Kingdoms, like in Qatar or Saudi Arabia, and even the UK has often violated free speech by both fining or denying entry to or movement of individuals. Ideas of free and open speech are moderated and curbed by political norms in China, just as they are in many other parts of the world, and companies need to make the choice to protect their brand or preserved their earnings and share price, in china you cant have both. Companies have long faced this dilemma in many regions of the world, Hollywood being one with a long history of curtailing movies to regional audiences and even to American audiences, self-censorship is not new and it is not just in China who encourages it.

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