Daniel Halliday
Mar 13 · Last update 7 days ago.
What effect will Netanyahu’s indictment have on the upcoming Israeli elections?
Since 2017 Benjamin Netanyahu has been under investigation for several cases of corruption and bribery involving the alleged receipt of large scale benefits from international businessmen, and a deal to manipulate legislation to benefit a news media group in return for favourable coverage. Israel’s attorney general has announced plans to indict Netanyahu following a hearing, possibly causing Netanyahu to become the first prime minister in Israeli history to be charged with a crime while in office. But what does this mean for the upcoming election and the wider political situation in Israel and the region?
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Negative effect on Netanyahu, but a positive one for justice in Israel
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Negative effect on Netanyahu, but a positive one for justice in Israel

The effect this indictment will have could be an overall positive one in what might be the start of much needed justice and the prosecution of crimes in a right wing, authoritarian, war mongering, human rights abusing Israeli government and military. That is on the basis that it leads to further legal action being taken against the much more serious issues of the war crimes carried out by Israeli forces in the Gaza strip in 2018, recognised as such by Human Rights Watch, which if possible would be the start of many such hearings. Regardless of the wider case for justice in the region, Netanyahu has been implicated in multiple previous cases and according to polls the indictment would have real consequences on opinion turning against him, making re-election for 5th term unlikely. msn.com/en-us/news/world/what-netanyahus-indictment-means-for-israeli-elections/ar-BBUeXSd hrw.org/news/2018/06/13/israel-apparent-war-crimes-gaza