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Jun 12 · Last update 2 mo. ago.
What can be done to fight against child labour?
Children’s rights are not being protected for the approx. 186 million 5 to 17 year old children around the world who are trapped in the shackles of child labour. They are forgoing their childhood, education, and even their health in order to work in some of the most harmful and exploitative environments on the planet. June 12th is the World Day Against Child Labour, what can be done to fight against the theft of these children’s rights and futures? unicef.org/protection/57929_child_labour.html
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Paying to stay in school

India’s legal system has long been criticised for not protecting children’s rights, with 10 million children in India alone engaged in labour, which organisations such a UNICEF class as exploitative. However the country is also home to some groundbreaking schools which are seeking to address this issue while providing an education for potential child labourers. The Akshar Forum, a school in Assam, has restructured the whole schooling process, with older students teaching younger ones, while teachers supervise the process and in turn teach older students, but the real innovation is that the older students are paid depending on the level of what they are teaching younger students. The whole process is undermining the benefits afforded to possible child labourers, allowing them to earn monetarily while also building an education and a brighter future for themselves.