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Who really are the Syrian White Helmets?

The Syrian Civil Defence, or "White Helmets", is a grassroots organisation made of Syrian volunteers, who conduct rescue operations following airstrikes in Syria’s rebel-held regions. However there have been various mixed narratives about the role of the White Helmets in Syria, with a large amount of misinformation obviously surrounding this organisation. Various sources portray the White Helmets as humanitarians, terrorist support groups, or internationally funded propagandists. Who are the Syrian Civil Defence organisation, what role are they playing in Syria and what evidence is there to back up the claims and counter-claims surrounding their actions?
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An internationally sponsored propagandist group

The SCD or White Helmets are fraudsters who helped to stage the Syrian gas attack in Douma, chemical weapons experts have said the footage available is questionable as gas masks would offer little protection against chemical agents, and no pictures or film show any feasible attack or victims. The SCD have been sponsored by the US and UK governments to the sum of $60 million, making their reputation as a grassroots organisation questionable, they were also founded by a British Mercenary, James Le Mesurier. Members of the clergy have even visited Syria and claim the SCD have utilised and capitalised on injured children in order to make propaganda videos, the first hand accounts of clergy go against the UK government's narrative on Syria, and seem to indicate a deeper role of the SCD.

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