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Is the Internet bringing us closer to an information/knowledge society or exacerbating hysteria and mental health problems?

The Internet is revolutionising the way societies function, and will continue to as more tasks can be streamlined by inter-connectivity and as it becomes ever more integrated. However the internet has also led to various negative side effects such as a greater spread of misinformation, exacerbating some mental health problems, as well as new forms of crime and radicalisation. What are the positive and negative impacts that the internet is having on societies around the world and how can they be encouraged or mitigated?
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Sleepwalking into a catastrophe
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Sleepwalking into a catastrophe

The majority of internet use is harmful in some way; it’s actually taking people away from the natural world, minimising natural interactions and harming societies and individual’s relationships. The internet has been associated with negatively effecting communication, negatively effecting people’s health by encouraging a sedentary lifestyle, as well as complicating social developmental issues such as bullying, sexual development and relationship forming. Furthermore the internet is exacerbating modern forms of addiction in the form of video games or pornography for example, not to mention wider issues of crime, terrorism and identity theft. If we are not careful we may be sleepwalking or “sleep-clicking” ourselves into a number of unforeseen social and health epidemics, internet usage needs to be thoroughly analysed, reduced and better integrated into a more wholesome and natural life moving forward.

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