Daniel Halliday
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What can be done about the over subscription of antibiotics?
The terrifying trend of antibiotic over-subscription leading to the proliferation of antibiotic resistant bacteria is increasing mortality, healthcare costs and putting massive populations in danger of unforeseen health crises. This problem however remains widespread across the planet and is of massive international importance. What is being done and what could be done to lessen the risk of this pervasive issue?
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Better regulation

The over-subscription of antibiotics leads to more resistant bacteria, and according the United States Food and Drug Administration 20-50% of prescriptions of antibiotics in the US are unnecessary or inappropriate, and this situation may be much worse in other countries. However antibiotic resistance and the over subscription of antibiotics can also increase the likelihood of disease severity and length, side effects, health complications, mortality, increased healthcare costs, hospital re-admittance, and increased need for unnecessary medical treatment. Re-education of the physician and patient need to be undertaken and this level of public information scheme could only be carried out by governments, more regulation and country wide re-education schemes needs to be put into place across the globe to change how antibiotics are used.

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