Shogo Ochiai
Mar 7 · Last update 6 days ago.
Coinhive and alert() can be a reason to be arrested in Japan
End-user unintended JavaScript usage is illegal in Japan. Legitimacy of JavaScript is gut feeling of regional police. The way of governing has been spoiled in here. Why prohibition comes first? Don't you notice keep killing creativity and culture? Why no politician claims this topic? Why politician doesn't care about keep promised manifest? Everything comes from economic incentives. This closed island is unexitable and so all games are cooperative continuous game. Everything is easily got spoiled. Sigh ;/
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This is essentially the theft of data and law around consent needs enforcement
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This is essentially the theft of data and law around consent needs enforcement

Violation of a user’s privacy, as in the case of the crackdown on illegal crypocurrency mining in Japan, needs to be prosecuted. In the case of Coinhive, monero cryptocurrency was being mined using unsuspecting users CPU when they visited a website, this was carried out without compensating them, or indeed even informing them. The Japanese police are justified in investigating such individuals and this will not have any effect on creativity or programming culture as it is not a ban on Coinhive or using cryptocurrenies, but merely reflects concerns surrounding hijacking someone equipment to make money without consent. Arguably issues like this go all the way back to the first accidental distributed denial of service attack caused by Robert Tappan Morris in 1988, but even back then the result was sentencing and a $10,000 fine, police need to prosecute cybercrime.