Daniel Halliday
Jan 14 · Last update 1 mo. ago.
Should coalition forces have acted differently in Libya?
Eight years after the 2011 military intervention in Libya the country is still in a state of political and humanitarian disaster. The country remains split between two conflicting governments and various tribal militias, and amidst this chaos human trafficking and other human rights abuses have become commonplace. Was the extension of the intervention to topple Colonel Muammar Gaddafi a mistake? Should the NATO-led coalition acted differently in Libya?
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Yes, the intervention should have been extended

NATO should have extended the coalition’s mission and overseen credible elections and helped maintain peace while the foundations of Libyan democracy could be firmly put in place. The coalition being comprised of countries such as the US and the UK that were so deeply scarred by the failure of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, they were reluctant to get to deeply involved in an occupation of Libya. As a result they left the country to establish its own government system fairly quickly, despite requests to stay longer from National Transitional Council Chairman Mustafa Abdul Jalil in order to help deal with the massive amount of weapons and remaining Gaddafi loyalists in the country.