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How did Cambodia end up with a dictatorship even after Pol Pot and the Genocide?
Despite its brutal history Cambodia today boasts a healthy multiparty democracy when in reality it remains a single party state ruled by the same man and dominated by former Khmer Rouge generals since 1985. What has been the cause for Cambodia’s continuous failure to achieve political reform?
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A country, blown apart during the Vietnam War, the remnants sticking close to China
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A country, blown apart during the Vietnam War, the remnants sticking close to China

During the war in Vietnam the United States carried out a secret bombing campaign in Cambodia and Laos, to try and destroy Vietnamese supply routes. This four year illegal carpet bombing was not authorised by US congress and directly led to around 500,000 casualties in Cambodia, directly bringing the Khmer Rouge to prominence in the country. Over the following year Pol Pot’s regime were sponsored by China as they were carrying out one of the worst campaigns of butchery in recent history. China however continues to support another human rights infringing regime in the form of current leader Hun Sen’s government, formed largely of former Khmer Rouge generals. This country, destroyed by the US, still suffers inherent corruption under the wing of China, both making a dictatorship, like the genocide, a harsh reality to shake off.

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