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Should the U.S. Government pay reparations for slavery?

The topic of the United States paying reparations for slavery was broached in the recent Democratic Party debates, mentioned by Marianne Williamson. This is set to divide democratic candidates but is also a deep divisive proposition, but slavery itself has had deep long-lasting repercussions that are still playing out in the present day, especially in countries such as the United States. What are the issues that make this such a complicated debate, is there a way for the U.S. Government to redress the issues from the country’s past? Should the US Government pay reparations for slavery?
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Yes, but reparations should start with Indigenous Americans
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Yes, but reparations should start with Indigenous Americans

Reparations should be made for slavery, but efforts to atone for the massive persecution of Native American tribes should arguably happen first. Although slaves were given the most degrading and oppressive existence in the United States, during the same period of history genocide was perpetrated against native American tribes to the point of the erasure of whole people groups off the face of the Earth. What Hitler failed to do the U.S. largely succeeded in against the natives of North America. So this may be the better place to start, reparation programs this large would be unthinkably complicated, but starting with smaller people groups with geographical consistency (Native American’s being mostly forced to live on reserves) a workable reparations scheme would be a little easier to realise, making this a suitable test run for the larger scheme of slavery reparations.

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