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What do protestors in Iraq want?

On-going protests in Iraq have recently ramped up as the police have begun to use live rounds on protesters and the death toll has risen to around 100. As the movement grows stronger and looks set to continue let’s consider, what is causing the protests in Iraq, what do the protestors wish to achieve?
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A whole new political system/landscape

The failure to build an adequate political system after a mismanaged occupation, that followed an illegal war, that ended a brutal dictatorship has fueled apathy in Iraq and has led to protests that don't want reform, but a real change in the structure of governance. Iraq has been through an unimaginable amount of suffering to end up under a new regime of corruption and oppression, this is leading to deep anger that goes far beyond what protestors are demanding in other countries internationally. Iraqis now need a whole new chapter, a whole new system not built on the same lies that have destroyed, oppressed and displaced generations of people.

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