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What was the long lasting significance of the Russo-Japanese War?
Imperialistic intentions led Russia to seek a permanent port in Manchuria, which fed fears of Russian encroachment of Japanese imperial interests in the Korean Peninsula. Fighting between these two powers only lasted from 1904-1905 but was largely significant in the run up to the First World War. What was the long term significance of this war?
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First industrialised bloodbath
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First industrialised bloodbath

The great technological accomplishments that led these two nations to engage in imperial domination of China and Korea also contributed to a new industrial age of military technology, such a rapid-fire artillery and machine guns. This new era of industrial warfare was first played out on the battlefields of the Russo-Japanese War, and dealt heavy casualties to both sides like never before, both Russia and Japan experiencing around 40-50,000 losses in just 18 months. This new style of warfare has been described by historians as a precursor to the trench warfare of World War One and meant that powers really should have been more prepared for the level of human destruction unleashed later in the 20th century.