Daniel Halliday
Jun 24 · Last update 2 mo. ago.
Should internet users be paid for the private use of their personal data?
It is widely known that online services such as Google and Facebook make huge profits from the sales of user’s data. Is the bulk sale of user data in this way justified, should users trade their privacy for using these services or should this trade be reimbursed financially?
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Yes, users are in effect data labourers
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Yes, users are in effect data labourers

The fact that most users of Facebook and similar services are constantly generating new data that is sold and generates large revenues for the giant corporations of Silicon Valley should at least see users being paid as the creators or owners of this data. Users should be reimbursed just as content providers currently are on platforms such as Youtube, even if some of this data may not be worth large amounts on an individual level it is still owned by the user it belongs to, not the company selling it. This remains a privacy issue that users should be in control of, data should be treated as a commodity that Silicon Valley gives user’s some payment for the use of.