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What can be done about the devastating droughts in Chile?

Chile has a long history of severe droughts, but this most recent drought, now in its tenth year, has caused worries of this becoming a permanent reality. The drought is decimating the Chilean countryside, has completely died up the Aculeo Lagoon, and a study carried out by the University of Chile has warned that the country’s capital Santiago may even have problems providing drinking water in the next decade if trends continue. What can be done about the droughts in Chile?
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A large contributor to the drought conditions in Chile is the aggressive unsustainable fruit agriculture industry that feeds current global food trends while, sometimes illegally, stealing water from other farms. Avocados for example require a massive 1,280 litres of water per kilogram of fruit, growing such a thirsty crop has caused many to dig deeper wells causing a fall in the water table for the region, putting smaller businesses growing more sustainable crops out of business. Avocados have become so lucrative it is the avocado businesses that are able to afford the expenses needed to divert water to their farms and many have been accused of breaking the law to do so, addressing this issue will require both agricultural and water supply reform in Chile.

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