Daniel Halliday
Jul 19 · Last update 1 mo. ago.
Should women be paid the same as men for playing football?
Following the victory of the USA at the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup the direct call for equal pay for female footballers came directly from the winning team with co-captains Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan talking about the issue in media interviews. This is part of a long ongoing international call for more equal or better conditions for sportswomen, and in America this has taken the form of legal action against US Soccer and FIFA. The US team returned to New York City to a parade and chants of “equal pay” from football fans. But is the issue as simple as that? Should female footballers be paid the same amount as their male counterparts?
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Yes same sport – same pay

The notoriety of women’s football has grown in recent years massively, and as it has so has the call for gender equality in the sport. Women’s teams have complained they are required to play more games in worse conditions compared to men playing the same sport professionally, despite being paid less many female athletes are using their position and increasingly their social media presence to question this. Norway’s football association has become the first to create an equal pay deal for female footballers, putting an initial investment into the sport help raise its profile and encourage equal treatment of women’s sport, from fans, broadcasters and sponsors alike. The profile of women’s football is growing and Norway is showing the world that equality in women’s football can be seen as an investment in women’s football and an investment in the sportswomen playing it, helping the sport as its profile grows further.