Daniel Halliday
Feb 7 · Last update 9 days ago.
Should the United States hold war referendums?
In the 1930’s US Congressman Louis Ludlow proposed an amendment to the US constitution calling for a national referendum before any declaration of war could be made, excluding cases of national defence. With so many failed wars, or wars complicated by ill planned US interventionism or support, should the United States' overseas military operations have to be decided by referendum? Could war referendums similar to the proposed Ludlow Amendment bring peace to the world?
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Breaking down the industrial military complex
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Breaking down the industrial military complex

A procedure to seek public approval for war efforts could help break the cycle of permanent military conflicts the United States seems to involve itself in, where war has arguably become more of a money making industry, rather than a reluctant last resort. This would mostly like minimise the chances of the US going to war, and force politicians to seek more diplomatic solutions to intentional relations. Referendums would also make the diplomatic process more direct, as arguably elected representatives too often have conflicting interests, with the amount of lobbying and paid private events politicians often attend at the request of corporate and foreign interests.