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Should politicians be made to wear body cameras?

Corruption is present in some form in almost every government in the world. In democracies it is also widely held that politicians lie, exaggerate or mislead to get elected, or conversely the ones that don’t won’t be elected. Meanwhile, body cameras are seeing increasingly use by the police and military in some countries in order to increase accountability, could a similar use of such technology help in the sphere of politics? If not for anything else but to serve as a constant reminder of the position they hold, and who their position is meant to be benefitting. Should the people in the highest positions of power, making the most important decisions not be held as accountable as all others in society? Should politicians be made to wear body cameras while working?
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Stem corruption

When politician’s actions and decisions are literally costing the taxpayer, the public are entitled to know how their money is being spent, in detail, and politicians should be held accountable to the highest degree with body cameras enabling this. Body cameras were introduced into policing in some states in the US due to high levels of police violence, and in some respects decisions made by politicians can cost lives also, politicians are public servants just as the police are so they should be wearing this cameras for similar reasons. This idea has already been put forward in the form of a bill by Republican State Representative John Cabello, his bill would force all politicians in the state of Illinois to wear a body camera while they are working.


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