Daniel Halliday
Jul 31 · Last update 17 days ago.
Are there any solutions to global or regional food insecurity?
A multitude of factors pose a risk to food security internationally from natural disasters to hipster’s buying habits. However even the definition of food security remains inconsistent, with defining factors remaining so variable it is almost a different issue depending on who is using the term and what country they are describing the food security issues of. Are food insecurities just a downside of modern societies, neglect of the most poor and needy, or can more be done to alleviate this still fairly widespread problem?
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The prevalence of hunger: a downside of capitalism
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The prevalence of hunger: a downside of capitalism

No the problem is too varied, widespread, and internationally too difficult to be solved within the one-track-mind of a capitalist economic system, this is only made more complicated by massively expanding populations on a planet of limit resources, limited supply. Capitalism will ultimately address markets only, cannot supply complex demands from incomparable markets, and can probably never supply 100% of a demand, as the most disadvantaged of society will always lack the means to purchase all of their needs. As it stands food production is not the main factor contributing to problems surrounding food security, it is not so much a shortage of food but unequal distribution. As a result food insecurities can never be fully addressed within a capitalist framework.