Daniel Halliday
Mar 14 · Last update 6 days ago.
When he finally steps down, how will Bouteflika be remembered in Algeria?
As Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s turnaround regarding his 5th campaign for President spells a new era for Algeria, what will it mean for Africa’s largest country? What will the legacy of Algeria’s longest serving head of state be?
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Bouteflika may simply be replaced with another military stooge
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Bouteflika may simply be replaced with another military stooge

Abdulaziz Bouteflika’s legacy will be one of a dictator and a military stooge, so a change in president in Algeria may be meaningless. Despite recent military shakeups and the past prosecution of brutal military leaders, it is still not understood why the previous military president Zeroual stepped down in 1999. But this mystery led to the election Bouteflika originally won to get into power, an election that has been contested by opponents. What is clear is that with such ill health Bouteflika is unfit to run the country, even at present, and the very high level of political presence of the military in Algeria means that whoever eventually succeeds him will most probably rule from somewhere within the strict military controlled dictatorial framework Bouteflika ruled from. independent.co.uk/voices/is-algeria-s-military-making-its-move-on-ageing-president-bouteflika-a6831101.html