Daniel Halliday
May 27 · Last update 3 mo. ago.
Following the latest EU elections, what is the EU’s new direction likely to be?
Based on the latest European elections the EU is going through a large transition. Voter turnout was at the highest level in 20 years, and the two centrist parties will no longer command a majority for the first time in 40 years. However as a result other parties will be moving to the fore, with this in mind, what will the new European Parliament look like? In what direction will these new parties take the EU?
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Green may be able to push for better climate goals
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Green may be able to push for better climate goals

Amidst a period of widespread climate change protesting, the Green Party have gained widespread support across Europe according to early results and exit polls of the European parliamentary elections. The Green Party out-performed the majority of parties across Europe on a platform of dealing with climate change and sustainability, celebrating and defending freedom of movement in Europe, and developing methods to address tax avoidance. However with votes distributed between more parties than ever before, a clearer picture will emerge following the formation of a coalition, but with support for the Green party surging across Europe the future is already looking more sustainable.