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Jun 2 · Last update 2 mo. ago.
Oklahoma vs Johnson & Johnson, could this case help beat the Opioid Epidemic?
The US has suffered for years with an Opioid Crisis, a problem of long term wide spread opiate addiction caused by the over prescription of opiate containing medication dating back to the 1990’s. Flooding the market with strong opiates caused abundance that has fuelled addiction, and has led to huge numbers of people moving on to other similar street drugs when they can no longer obtain or afford the prescription medication they have become dependent on. In a possibly precedent-setting case Oklahoma State have filed litigation against the pharmaceuticals giant Johnson & Johnson for their role in the state’s Opioid Epidemic. What effect could this case have on this massive social issue in the United States and internationally?
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No, this is not prosecutable

This case will fall apart under the scrutiny of a judge, Johnson & Johnson have nothing to gain from generating these massive social problems and actively killing their customers, their model is to have their customers stay alive and needing medication, to be customers for longer and maximise profits. Johnson & Johnson have acted responsibly by just providing FDA-approved pain medication operating well within the law. The company earn only 46% of its revenue from all the pharmaceuticals they sell, making one particular medicine a small percentage of total profit, so to depict the company as purposefully profiteering from an opioid crisis is misleading. The only effect this will have in the US or internationally is to damage Johnson & Johnson’s reputation.