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Is cultural appropriation a valid concept?

Cultural appropriation is the adoption of the styles, trends, fashion, or cultural iconography of one culture by members of another. The practice of cultural appropriation is especially controversial when the culture of a historically persecuted group is misappropriated. But the concept often evokes criticism because accusations are sometimes taken to extremes, misinterpreted, or can be seen as, or confused with, appreciation for the other culture. Is culture something that can be stolen or misappropriated? Is it an over the top critique or is it just a complex and often misunderstood concept? goodhousekeeping.com/life/g28400114/cultural-appropriation-definition-examples
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Yes, but is a concept often misapplied

There is a large amount of nuance to this fairly new concept, and like any area of nuance some people have misunderstood the reason for the concept and have freely applied it to areas where it is maybe not useful or not necessarily true. Cultural appropriation could more accurately be called cultural misappropriation and should be called out when it has negative effect, ie of marginalising minority groups, setting cultural double standards or exploitation and abuse of an art form. But a line needs to be drawn between cheapening and wrongfully misappropriating cultural artefacts or ideas and the positive nature of assimilation, cultural understanding and cultural appreciation or exchange. For example the in the late 60's the rock band Led Zeppelin made millions selling blues music to white teenagers, and put there names down in writing credits despite mostly copying songs, riffs and lyrics outright, this could be accurately described as cultural misappropriation. However this could be contrasted with the career of The Rolling Stones who wrote original music inspired by the blues and actually used their celebrity status to bring American blues musicians to a wider global audience, and brought international recognition to Bluesmen such a Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters.

forum.samharris.org/forum/viewthread/70980 openculture.com/2016/08/the-rolling-stones-introduce-bluesman-howlin-wolf-on-us-tv.html

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