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Does homeschooling work?

Many countries internationally have made it a legal requirement for all children to addend a formal school, and parents are obligated to send their children to school. In many other countries however home schooling has become increasingly popular, as parents are choosing to remove their children from school altogether to educate them personally, or with the aid of a tutor, at home. During the COVID-19 pandemic with many countries closing national schooling systems completely, and with few adequate alternatives in place, many parents are resorting to temporarily home schooling their children. What is the COVID-19 pandemic teaching use about the efficacy of home schooling? Why does the issue of homeschooling remain controversial even in countries where it is legal? Is home education preferable to a traditional education? businessinsider.com/homeschooing-more-popular-than-ever-2017-1?op=1 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homeschooling_international_status_and_statistics#/media/File:Homeschooling-legality5.png
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No, schools are social and academic institutions
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No, schools are social and academic institutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced children to stay home in numerous countries causing many to reflect on the other purpose of schooling, aside from academia. Socialisation cannot be adequately taught to children from their parents or a tutor, and needs to come organically from a peer group. Schools are social institutions that have become an increasingly important part of society following the decline of outdoor play and religious community, that is commonly being replace with an increasingly online existence. But this is merely one issue, homeschooling remains so controversial as the child will lose out on opportunities, access to sports, and extracurricular activities, while it could be used to selectively educate and deprive a child to a adequate education. Homeschooling is also difficult to regulate or even unregulated in many regions, often breeding isolated, maladjusted and unmotivated students.

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