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Is the holocaust being misremembered?

It is now over 75 years since the end of the holocaust, and with the passage of time and each new generation there is a distinct risk of the past being misrepresented, mistaken or abused to fit an ideology or narrative. Denial of the holocaust is a crime in many countries, but despite this both holocaust denial and anti-Semitism in general are on the rise. What factors are contributing to this gradual change in the modern psyche? Or have these ideas always been an issue? Is the memory of the holocaust being abused? Or are we simply seeing the worsening of an older issue? worldjewishcongress.org/en/news/holocaust-denial-and-anti-semitism-on-social-media-up-30-percent-in-january-2018-compared-to-2016-wjc-report-finds-2-3-2018 theguardian.com/world/2019/may/09/nazi-rhetoric-and-holocaust-denial-belgiums-alarming-rise-in-antisemitism clashdaily.com/2017/11/artwork-fighting-back-growing-holocaust-denial
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Aside from outward cases of anti-Semitic holocaust denial an interesting development of how the holocaust is being remembered is occurring in the political sphere, and it’s happening internationally. Following the announcement of the International Criminal Court’s investigations into Israeli war crimes against Palestinians, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held an unconventional holocaust memorial ceremony in January 2020. The ceremony included many powerful leaders from Western Europe, Russia and America, while many holocaust survivors were denied entry, and he took the opportunity to urge the leaders to sign a declaration against the ICC, claiming the organization had no jurisdiction of Palestinian land. However failure to take the correct anti-racism message from the memory of the holocaust is not limited to Israel. Similarly in Germany, amidst violent attacks on the country’s Muslim population, politicians are failing to address Islamophobia despite having extensive legal and policing infrastructure to tackle anti-Semitism, and despite Islamophobia being more prevalent in the country.

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